The velocity of impact this virus continues to have on our families, communities and local businesses has left us all reeling. Navigating these new waters isn’t easy. These past few days have been an exercise in agility for everyone, including us business owners.

I’ve been working with clients to assess these challenges, identify ways to adopt new strategies with flexibility and maintain business “normalcy” as much as possible. All while, most importantly, protecting the health and safety of each other.

Sometimes the solution has meant shifting to a digital space. Sometimes it’s been shifting from product to service. Sometimes it’s been about just creating a stronger sense of community while we settle into whatever our “new normal” becomes.

In every situation, just talking through it helped. It’s started the process of putting these pieces back together, without knowing exactly what they all look like anymore.

So if you’re a business that needs help talking through what your new “current normal” might look like, I’m here. Business owner to business owner. No sales, no pitch, just support. DM me and we’ll make it happen. Let’s do our best to steady the ground that’s now shaking beneath us, for ourselves and each other.

We’ve got this.

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